Leprechaun Gnome's World Tour


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Murphy, a leprechaun gnome led a rather boring life. Year after year, he sat in Eve Stuart-Kelso's garden in Gloucestershire, UK, and watched the world go by. On a good day he would see some interesting cars; on a bad day, the neighborhood cats would pee on him. Then one day everything changed.

About eleven months ago, Murphy was stolen from his garden. His owner, who had inherited the gnome when she bought the house, chalked it down to mischief by students from a nearby University and thought she would never see him again.

Much to her surprise, a slightly beaten up Murphy showed up at her doorsteps last Thursday, along with a bag that contained a letter and a photo album.

In the letter supposedly written by Murphy , he said, he had gotten 'itchy feet' and decided to go seek an adventure. His quest had taken him 'across three continents, 12 countries and more time zones than he could remember'. When Eve opened the album, she found 48 perfectly indexed photos outlining Murphy's adventures across the globe. Also enclosed were immigration stamps to all the countries he had visited, which included South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China and Hong Kong.

There were photos of Murphy, now renamed Barrington, climbing up mountains, swimming in the sea, riding a motorbike and even standing in front of a shark's mouth!

Eve and her husband have no idea who took their 8lb Gnome on the world tour, but would love to meet him or her. However, with Murphy not saying much, that is going to be a difficult mystery to solve.


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  • gold3nglare
    gold3nglare10 months
    • angie33
      angie33about 4 years
      nice story
      • drumbunker
        drumbunkerover 5 years
        why not a dog it's better
        • avacat
          avacatover 6 years
          I wonder why they did that... they didn't have to and it would've cost them money. Also, it made the lady (Eve) freak out!
          • nikukyu
            nikukyualmost 7 years
            This is so touching and the person who did that was so nice! This is such a good story, officially one of my fave articles in Dogo!
            • Amandaalmost 7 years
              This is so cute! So inspiring! :3
              • Tabithaalmost 7 years
                CREEPY.....just Creepy....... just read the beginning of the article!
                • kell-bell
                  kell-bellover 7 years
                  • Beauty over 7 years
                    Wow i never knew that it was a great story i read a story and now i am going to do this for my current event
                    • thomasabout 8 years
                      I can't believe DOGO News wrote about this, but my friend stole Murphy, then I thought it would be nice to return him with a photo album of picture of him, so I told Samuel about it and each week, we took a different picture.