White-Tailed Eagle Plays Fetch


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Evie, a beautiful white-tailed sea eagle with a wingspan of over 8ft and talons as big as a man's hand has an unusual hobby - she loves to chase after tennis balls!

When her owner George Hedges throws a tennis ball, Evie soars after it, sometimes even catching it mid-air. She then returns the ball, which resembles a tiny golf ball in her giant claws, in exchange for a piece of fish or chicken.

George Hedges discovered Evie's talents accidentally when he saw her pick up a tennis ball lying in the pond. Now it's her favorite toy.

However, Evie is a gentle giant who doesn't realize her own strength. While playing ball with George, she sometimes inadvertently ends up hurting him - but just like any doting pet lover, George forgives her.

Besides Evie, George's Falconry, Devons Eagles in Dartmoor, England is home to seventeen other birds, which include falcons, owls and hawks.

White-tailed Sea Eagles, a close cousin of the American Bald Eagle are large birds of prey, found mostly in Northern Europe and Asia. They were almost extinct in England about 30 years ago. However, an initiative by English conservationists to revive them has been very successful and today, a number of them soar over European skies.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk, Telegraph.co.uk

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      I’m just confused, is the eagle smart? Is it having a mind of its own? It’s something nobody has ever seen having an eagle doing that.. I didn’t ever seen this actually, so.. It’s so rare!
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