Is This Young Californian The Next Mozart?


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At just nine years of age, Marc Yu from Pasadena, California, has accomplished more than most musicians achieve in their entire life. He has mastered two musical instruments, played the piano at the most prestigious US concerts, garnered a couple of musical scholarships and is now off to London to perform at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

Marc was an unusual child even as a baby. At just six months of age, he would sit through a two-hour classical music concert. By the time he was two, he started to read and sing Beethoven symphonies. While his mother thought this was unusual, she did not realize his musical talents until he was at a friend's party and started to play a nursery rhyme on the piano, with the perfect pitch.

With lessons from his mom and then a professional teacher, Marc's skills grew by leaps and bounds. By the time he was five, he had not only received a scholarship from the Colburn School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, but also picked up and mastered another musical instrument - the Cello. When he was just six and a half, he picked up another prestigious award - the Davidson Fellowship in Music - usually reserved for musicians 18 and older.

After making his orchestra debut at the age of six, there has been no looking back for this musical genius. He is constantly traveling, either to perform at concerts or for piano lessons (he flies to China once a month for lessons at the Chinese Conservatory of Music).

On August 31st, Marc makes his debut at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, one of the world's most prestigious concert halls. He will be playing the piano alongside his mentor and hero Lang Lang, a 26-year-old classical pianist, who recently performed at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Games.

While Marc, who is home-schooled, is very passionate about his music and practices between 5-6 hours a day, he is by no means a bookworm. He loves to play soccer and goof off with his friends and has a great sense of humor. To read more about young Marc, check out his website at

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      Omg! Now he is 21!
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        Oof, now this kid is sixteen (I think...), it's hard to look at the really old posts because everybody is so much older.
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                Woah he is so amazing! He looks oddly familiar though...
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                  I do the piano,Harp and violin. But,I am definitely not that good!😁☺️
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                    wow! I did piano for 5 years and I'm only half as good as him!
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