The Adventures Of A Lone Horseman


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Eduardo Discoli calls himself a Gaucho. However, unlike most cowboys, Eduardo isn't content with just riding on his ranch - Instead this 58-year old Argentinean is horseback riding around the World, and has been doing so since 2001.

Eduardo, an avid Polo Player and a former Federal Judge, says that he had been dreaming of doing this trip since he was six, after reading about Aime Tschfiffely, a Swiss man who rode on horseback from Argentina to New York in 1925.

Since leaving Argentina in July 2001, Eduardo has traveled through 31 countries covering over 20,000 miles. He has ridden his horse wherever possible, though some of the journey has had to be by boat - like his recent trip from Europe to the city of Haifa in Northern Israel.

He has toured all of America (North and South), from Buenos Aires to New York, all of Europe and is on his way to North Africa. He is currently in Jerusalem, where he will attend a Summer Festival before moving on. After touring the North African countries of Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco, Eduardo plans to head home via Southern Brazil.

Eduardo has made many friends along the way and had some great experiences including being a special guest at the 14th Annual August Horse and Carriage Parade and playing Polo at the Strasburg Polo Club in New Jersey, USA.

As would be expected, he has had some difficult experiences as well, including bad weather, traffic, riding on steep dangerous mountain slopes and encounters with poisonous snakes.

But so far, the trip has been everything he was hoping for and more.

However, this lone rider is not done yet - He and his three horses 'El Chaja', El Chalchalero' and 'Nino Bien', continue their journey, often startling people on the streets, where the only horsepower usually seen, is made of metal and has a noisy engine.,, the

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