Chris Gilmour's Cardboard Art


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All sculptors have a favorite medium they like to work with. Some like marble, others bronze - for Chris Gilmour, it is the humble cardboard........and glue. For that's all he uses to build amazing sculptures irrespective of whether they are life-size or small replicas.

Chris typically uses recycled packing industrial cardboard for his life-sized projects, and boxes from common household items like diapers and trash bags for his smaller replicas.

Even his life-size sculptures have no supporting structure, that is, there is no metal or wooden frame in them. They are made with only cardboard and glue.

While that in itself is astounding, what is even more amazing, is the detail on each of these sculptures. Bicycles have wheels with spokes and chains, typewriters have every key carefully etched, cellos are built with all the strings, though they do not play a single note.

For a 2006 New York City exhibition, Chris built a replica of James Bond's Ashton Martin DB5 - with ejector seat, machine guns and revolving blades - all made of cardboard of course.

Born in England, Chris currently resides in Perugia, Italy, where he also has a permanent exhibition of his creations. To see more of Chris's work check out his website"


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