Kera The Gorilla Finds A New Home


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When the Bristol Zoo in the United Kingdom, decided to adopt Kera, to be part of their western lowland gorilla family, they were a little concerned about how she would adjust.

That's because by the tender age of four, Keri had already been shuttled around Europe and lived in two different homes. However, they needn't have worried - In two weeks, Kera has not only adjusted, but judging from the pictures seems to have made herself quite at home and even found a surrogate mom in her keeper, 22-year old Emily Pugh.

Kera's story began in 2004 in Barcelona, Spain . She and her twin were unfortunately born to a mother who did not have much interest in rearing them. Baby Kera had to be taken to Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart, Germany where she was brought up by humans in a nursery.

As she grew older, the nursery knew they had to find a permanent home for Kera - a place where she would have room to grow and play and also be with other lowland gorillas. Luckily for them, the Bristol Zoo in London, which has a family of five lowland gorillas was happy to take Kera in.

Kera's keeper flew to London and stayed with her for a few days, but said that Kera did not need much help. Though it has only been a few weeks, Kera is starting to interact with her new family, which includes Jock, a 220kg adult male gorilla, Salome and Romina, two adult female gorillas, and two baby gorillas - Namoki (3) and Komale (2) - But as is quite obvious, her most favorite person in the world is Emily Pugh!

Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered in the wild. Usually found in the dense forests of Northern and Central Africa, these majestic animals have become victims of deforestation and poaching in recent years. Scientists estimate that there are between 100,000 to 150,000 of them left in wild. To read more about Kera and Western lowland gorillas check out:

Sources:, Bristol Zoo and Gardens

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