The New Exercise Trend?


Thousands of adults head to the gym day after day to lift dull gray lifeless dumbbells. Now a gym in England has come up with a unique and innovative solution to make their daily ordeal , a little more interesting.

In an attempt to shake things up, Gymbox, located in Bank, England has introduced five human dumbbells. Going forward, gym enthusiasts can choose from a range of weights which include 'Dainty Diva' - Arti Shah, who weighs a mere 66lbs to 'Super Human' - Matt Barnard, who weighs in at a whopping 341lbs. The other three live-weight choices range from 120-165 lbs.

These interactive weights who sit on specially adapted machines, not only provide the lifters with a visual of what they are lifting, but also give them advice and encouragemen,t to keep them going - something a normal dumbbell cannot do!

The gym owner believes that fitness enthusiasts will see better results with the human dumbbells. While we are not sure of that, this does look like a lot more fun!


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        starshinepThursday, September 22, 2011 at 3:48 pm
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            CREEPY :O!!!!!
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              that is descusting ewwwwww
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                they are so fat they are being used as waits
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                  look at the smallest one dude
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                    That is so cool!!! My mom would like that.