Look Up At The Skies Tonight For Nature's Spectacular Firework Show


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Tonight, set your alarm clocks for a slightly earlier time and you may be in for a real treat - That's because between 1.00am and dawn (regardless of where you live) nature is going to throw a spectacular meteor show.

The Orinid showers are an annual event, created when Earth passes through the track of debris left behind by Halley's comet, which zips around the Earth every 75 years, and is one of the few comets that can be seen by the naked human eye.

Each time the comet comes through, it leaves behind a set of fresh debris for the Earth to break through, as it passes the area around October.

The meteor or 'shooting star' showers occur when the tiny flakes of comet dust hit the Earth's outer atmosphere. Tonight, meteorologists are expecting them to come down fast and furious - and are predicting as many as a dozen showers in one hour.

While the best place to watch is from a rural area, which has limited light pollution, city folk can try view them from areas which are not too brightly lit. While the showers will take place throughout the six-hour period, in the US, the best time to view them is expected to be at about 6.am Eastern (3 am PT).

If you do happen to see this amazing display from nature, don't forget to let us know by commenting below and be sure to make a wish! With so many shooting stars in the sky, it is bound to come true!


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  • Bobover 7 years
    Cool pics
    • gracie9
      gracie9over 10 years
      Why didn't I see this current event earlier!
      • cahill74
        cahill74over 10 years
        • dagcat2337
          dagcat2337almost 11 years
          OMG thats amazing!!! i cant beleive that! its so cool im doing my currant events on this!
          • errica almost 11 years
            this is soooo my type!
            • silverwarrior
              silverwarriorabout 11 years
              ahhhh the true buauty of nature is there but what is even more butiful is a meatorite shower that was said to be more buetiful
              • sethover 11 years
                thas cool i wish i,ve could of saw it
                • Risley girl about 12 years
                  i seen a shotting star and i want to see this to night
                  • Risley girl about 12 years
                    i seen a shotting star and i want to see this to night
                    • Cool Guyalmost 13 years
                      I'm so going to wake up at 2:00 a.m!