This Little Piggy Will Not Be Heading To The Market!


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Apple Sauce's life began on shaky grounds - The last of 13 siblings, the little Belgian Blue Piglet faced starvation, after being rejected by her mother - however, thanks to her quick thinking owner, the little porker now has a loving, albeit slightly unusual family.

Heidi Rhiann who owns a pig farm in Wales, knew that the little piglet would die, unless she did something soon.

Desperate, she decided to try see if her 18-month old Rottweiler, Sasha, who had just given birth to a litter of eight puppies, would adopt one more.

Wrapping the little piglet with one of the puppy's blanket, so that she would 'smell' like them, Heidi placed her next to Sasha.

Sure enough, the 18-month old Rottweiler immediately began to bond with the little piglet and within an hour, the little piggy was happily suckling away.

Now Apple Sauce has become part of the family of nine, cuddling up with her siblings and mom, as if it were the most natural thing in the world for a piglet to hang out with puppies.

While she is still weak and needs extra supplements, the little piggy is healthy and the best part is, she will have a permanent home with Sasha, since Heidi has decided to keep little Apple Sauce as a pet!,

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