A train enthusiast from New Jersey recently unveiled what is thought to be the world's smallest working train set. Measuring 1/8 of an inch by 1/4 of an inch, (tinier than a fingernail), the engineering feat is the work of David Smith, who crafted it using just a knife, some plastic and a lot of imagination.

That's because while the nano creation may look looks like a five-car train circling an oval rail track, the model is an optical illusion, carved from moldable plastic and stuck atop a two-inch rotating motor head. Surrounding the train is a beautiful landscape that includes colorful buildings, a mountain range, and even a tunnel - all made from putty.

The train set is part of a bigger project called James River Branch, a fictitious miniature village being created by David. This tiny train set has been built to be placed inside the hobby shop of his village. It had to be minuscule because the village model itself, is being made on a scale of 1-220!

The New Jersey train enthusiast, who has been working on the James River Branch Village for over two years, will not reveal when it will be completed, but promises that when ready, it will be quite incredible - We have no doubt!

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