Teacup Piglets


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First it was a Spiderman look-alike lizard - Now it's Teacup pigs, that is taking Britain by storm. This time around even celebrities like Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter), are being drawn in by these incredibly cute creatures.

Also known as Micro pigs, the animals got their name because when born, they weigh only 9lbs and are as tiny as teacups! Though they do grow bigger, even at full-size they get to only between 14-16 inches in height and 65lbs in weight, still tiny relative to normal-sized pigs.

According to British breeder Jane Croft, these cute as a button animals, which are a mix of a couple of British pig breeds and New Zealand's Kune Kune pig, make really awesome pets. Contrary to the normal perception of these animals, Teacup pigs are very clean and can even be potty-trained. They are extremely intelligent, very low maintenance (do not need to be taken for walks) and are relatively quiet. An added bonus - since pigs have hair, not fur, they make perfect pets for families that have fur allergies.

However, before you rush to get yourself one, be warned that these tiny creatures get bored easily and need to be kept entertained. In fact, Jane feels so strongly about this, that she insists on selling her tiny pigs in pairs and only to people who are not constantly working out of their homes.

Also, these pigs do not come cheap - Thanks of their high demand and the fact that very few people breed them, they cost almost $1,100 USD each. However, has not been a deterrent - Jane currently has a waiting list from people all over the world wishing to own one of these cutie pies.

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          so cute.
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              They are taken from there mothers at young age
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                So cute!(And Small!)
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