Turning A Horse Inside Out


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With over 200 bones and 700 muscles, the anatomy of horses is as hard to teach as it is to learn. Now Gillian Higgins, a professional horse therapist and champion equestrian has devised an innovative solution.

She turns her Horses 'Inside Out', by outlining each bone and muscle on the horse's exterior with bright water-based hypoallergenic paints.

The 27-year old, who paints bones on one side and muscles on the other, says it takes her four hours each time - however the effort is worth it, since it makes it easier and more interesting for her students that range from aspiring veterinarians to champion riders, to better understand how horses move and function.

Ms. Gillian normally uses one of her two horses, 12-year old Freddie Fox, a champion rider or 6-year old Henry as models. However, when she is traveling, she asks her hosts to find her a suitable model - a horse with a calm disposition that likes being the center of attraction. She says that most horses don't really mind being painted, as it feels a lot like being groomed. To read more about this innovative way of teaching check out her website - www.horsesinsideout.com.

sources: Horsesinsideout.com, dailymail.co.uk

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      cool I really like how it shows the bones now I can train my horse
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              It's coll, but i think the horses not like it...
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