A Driver Less Car? Now There Is An App For That!


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Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone there have been thousands of applications developed for it, ranging from games to maps to even creating instant art. Now computer scientists in Germany have written an application that turns the iPhone into a remote control for the car!

Dubbed iDriver, the application allows the 'driver' to operate the steering, accelerator and pedal with just a few strokes of the phone's touchscreen - all while standing outside the car.

The scientists from the Frei University in Berlin that developed it, claim it is so powerful that it allows the car to be controlled remotely from as far as, the fourth floor of a building.

However, the application does not work for every car - Yet! In order to use it the scientists had to build a custom car that they called 'Spirit of Berlin'', which is fitted with a video camera placed on the car's dashboard. This allows the 'remote' driver to see the road ahead, as if he were in the car and maneuveraccordingly.

The scientists are hoping that one day soon, we will all be able to use 'driver less' cars to pick and drop us to our destinations - Now how cool would that be!

sources:news.com.au, dailymail.co.uk

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  • Haeleighalmost 4 years
    That is so a sups cool game
    • Crystianna almost 4 years
      • Anonymousover 6 years
        • BIover 6 years
          What if two of the same car meets the signals to the phone would be messed up and they would get mixed up
          • phalmost 7 years
            so cool
            • Wonder girl 5about 7 years
              Is the app free??????
              • OJ JONESover 7 years
                smart car but weird looking car
                • bryan10over 7 years
                  • bryan10over 7 years
                    cool i want one
                    • gavin10
                      gavin10over 7 years