The Amazing 'Recortadores' (Bull Leapers) Of Spain


While the bull fighters of Spain are legendary, its bull leapers are not as well known. These are the brave souls that practice the sport of bull leaping, which true to its name, involves jumping over a running bull!

Though the sport dates all the way back to the Bronze Age (3000 - 1200 B.C), it has recently enjoyed a resurgence amongst young thrill-seeking Spaniards, who come together at the Plaza de Tores stadium in Valencia every year, to battle it out for the championship.

Each team comprises of five to seven bull leapers or 'recortadores', who sneak their way into a bullring that may have as many as three bulls, at a time. Once inside, they each take turns calling the bulls towards them.

As the bovine comes charging at full speed, the recortadores, dodge or leap over them with amazing speed and agility.

The events, which can sometimes last four to five hours, are very popular with spectators, young and old.

They are not only exciting, but also, have none of the cruelty issues associated with bull fights, which involve matadors that use swords to defend themselves.

The one danger is that the leapers themselves could get hurt if, gored by a bull. However, so far, there have been no injuries. The young Spaniards really know what they are doing, and we sure hope it stays that way forever and ever!,

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