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Could removing chairs from classrooms help kids fidget less and focus more? A number of teachers in Wisconsin and Minnesota seem to think so, and are now replacing traditional chairs with new adjustable-height stand-up desks.

As fifth-grade Minnesota teacher Pam Seekel puts it - "As a teacher, I never sit down, why should I make the kids sit down?"

What do you think of a classroom without chairs? Be sure to add your comments below.


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  • smartowl999
    smartowl999over 7 years
    • saanvi
      saanvialmost 8 years
      Sometimes i like to stand sometime i like to sit
      • xavierpromanover 8 years
        finally, already finally this was posted almost 6 yrs ago i cant believe that
        • PERSONover 8 years
          • Ccover 8 years
            I want to stand(I'm not over waited thought and I don't fidget a lot)I think it's a good idea
            • Ccover 8 years
              I think that this is a good opertounity for kids that may be over waited to lose a few pounds and for kids that fidget a lot to pay better etienshon
              • smartbrain20almost 9 years
                very cool maybe i should get one for my calssrom
                • smarbrain20almost 9 years
                  i need that for my classroom
                  • susie
                    susieover 9 years
                    don't their legs cramp up???
                    • awsmenessalmost 10 years
                      i wish i had one of those!!!