The 10-Year Old Picasso Of Street Art


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For most part, elementary school student Solveig, is just like any other 10-year old. She loves to play with barbies, ride her bike, collect Doctor Who cards and paint. However, unlike other kids her age, she doesn't paint on a piece of paper or even a canvas - she paints on street walls!

Solveig, started her graffiti paintings two years ago, when she saw some other people doing it and thought it looked fun. They let her try it out and she was hooked. She has since become so good, that she is being dubbed as the Picasso of Street Painting.

In last two years, she has created 20 colorful, larger-than-life paintings. Her paintings which include cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie, sharks, zombies and even a fried egg breakfast, are all created from her imagination. No matter what the subject, Solveig tastefully weaves the first three letters of her name - SOL - boldly into every one of her creations.

She also adds her age and signs each painting, before posing for a photo next to it. She then downloads her photos on to picture-sharing site Flickr at for the entire world to see and admire.

While most of Solveig's artwork is on legal graffiti walls near her home in Brighton, she has also had the opportunity to paint on part of the Berlin Wall and a couple of other areas in London . She was recently invited by one of London's leading newspapers The Sun, to create something special for them.

While Solveig's parents were not sure when she first started to request paint cans, they are now very proud of her work and encourage her, as long as she creates her graffiti art on walls, where it is legally allowed.

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  • astromochi
    • tanijzaash760
      tanijzaash760almost 3 years
      amazing she is one of the beat artist that ever lived i wish i could draw as good as she can i wish i was apart of that drawing master piece
      • lemonade11
        lemonade11about 4 years
        aww! I had no idea that there is such a thing as a legal grafitti wall.
        • uzaover 4 years
          i love art soo much
          • Art!!almost 5 years
            so cool!!
            • Saanviabout 5 years
              What an amazing artist!🎨
              • lovedogover 5 years
                i loved it
                • Hawk SNKabout 6 years
                  Lame Graffiti Artists I'm A Graffiti Artist Don't Know How To Use Spray Paint!
                  • cheetahluver
                    cheetahluverover 6 years
                    Aww, what an amazing artist!
                    • leean22
                      leean22over 6 years
                      AWSOME COOL PAINTINGS TO THERE SOOOO AWSOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!