How many times have you ordered a cake for a special occasion and discovered that the message on it, is now quite what you intended it to be. Though annoying at the moment, the mistakes are often quite funny in retrospect. Now a site called Cake Wrecks, has made it their mission to document all these little (and big) snafus! Here's a few.

The intended message - Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

Whoever took the instructions on this one, took the message quite literally - Well at least they got the congratulations and the three right!

The intended message - Best Wishes Suzanne (underneath that please write) We Will Miss You!

Not only did they get the instructions wrong, they also misspelled 'underneath'!

The intended message - Phillip . . . Woo-Hoo!

This one really leaves us speechless - that that that ???

What the customer wanted - A Graduation hat for the design with some sprinkles on it.

Well they at least got the first part right! Maybe they ran out of Sprinkles???

And finally for all you Superbowl fans

Someone should have been paying more attention to spelling in elementary school! To see more check out, where new cake bloopers are posted daily