A Surprise For Scotland's Royal Mail


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Mailmen In Edinburgh, Scotland, are scratching their heads, after some mischievious prankster covered a Royal Mail mailbox in blue and white wrapping paper and topped it off with a bright red ribbon.

The box on McDonald Road was near the Brunswick Street sorting office. A spokesperson with the Royal Mail says that the trick may have been a romantic gesture.

We think it probably went something like this:

"Hi, honey! Instead of getting you flowers or a box of chocolates, I wrapped you a mailbox!"

"Oh darling, it's perfect!! I've always wanted a mailbox!"

The wrapping paper has been now removed and since no mail was stolen or vandalized, the post office is treating the whole incident as just a harmless prank.

While this mailbox belongs to the post office, and has to look boring, the same is not true for home mailboxes. Here are examples of some really creative ones.

At least this mailman will not have to get out of his van to deliver!

The Hammer Head Mailbox - Just one question - Where exactly does the mail fit in?

Dear Mailman, please be sure to pack your Speedo's and Snorkeling goggles everyday!

Hmmm - We wonder where this homeowner works?


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