Video(s) Of The Week - Move Over Tiger Woods, Here Comes AJ!


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AJ, a 16-year old Indian ring neck parakeet does not only perform impressive gymnastic tricks, but also, plays golf and basketball. In fact, he has so many tricks up his sleeve, or should we say wing, that it took two videos to demonstrate them all!

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  • wolfy_blue
    wolfy_blue4 months
    Wow AJ is better then me!
    • fiftyyou
      fiftyyou6 months
      Talented bird
      • pineapple1409
        pineapple1409over 2 years
        • easter bunnyover 2 years
          wow that parrot is awsome he listend to every word
          • aliendudeover 2 years
            omg too cute
            • fortnite godover 2 years
              I wish that was my pet bird
              • 1230over 2 years
                that is cute
                • world of tanksover 2 years
                  • Zachabout 3 years
                    that is cute
                    • Funny_and_bestover 3 years
                      if that was my pet... cool!