The Happy Spider


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While wild animals evoke various emotions, very few succeed in bringing a smile to our faces as quickly as these little spiders do. Though scientists have named the species Theridion Grallator, to most of us, they are simply known as Happy Face Spiders!

First discovered in 1973, the spiders, that measure less then 5mm across and are harmless to humans, can be found only in the rain forests of the Hawaiian Islands.

Though they all belong to the same species, each Happy Spider seems to have a different expression on its face, some more pronounced than others. Scientists think that the expressions have evolved to confuse predators into thinking that they are not food. We believe it's because they live in Hawaii!

The spiders live underneath leaves building small webs. They are nocturnal creatures that feed off insects. While the spider protect its eggs and look after the little spiderlings until they are capable of being independent, the adults spend most of their lives alone.

Sadly though, these amazing creations of nature are in the danger of becoming extinct, as the Hawaiian Islands get introduced with species of plants and animals that are not native to the area. We hope that conservationists are able to save these cuties.


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