Fizzle - The Greedy Little Fox


In most children's tales and legends, a fox is always depicted as a sly character, often up to no good. This real-life fox tale adds one more attribute to this bushy-tailed creature - greedy!

A homeowner in Ilford, Essex walked out in her yard only to find this little guy hanging out with his head stuck inside a jar. Apparently, after licking whatever was in the jar clean, the fox had tried to get out, only to find that he was stuck!

The homeowner called the animal rescue service, who wet the back of the distressed animal's head and helped him slid out of the jar. They say it took twenty minutes before the dazed animal could be freed. After a quick dose of flea spray and drink of water, the fox dashed away as fast as he could.

The animal rescue officials who have named the fox, Fizzle, estimate that he was eight to ten weeks old and judging from the way he disappeared, still under the care of his parents. While the homeowner has left some food and drink out for greedy fox, there has been no sign of him since this encounter. We guess he learned his lesson!

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      That cute lil' foxy didn't lose air inside that jar at least. If you like foxes type and comment #Fizzle!
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            The fox got himself stuck inside the jar
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