First came the pet hotel, then a pet car and now an airline. Pet Airways has been founded on the premise that your pet is not a package and should therefore not be subjected to the miseries of a luggage compartment. Instead it should be just like you - a pawsenger!

The airline, which makes its inaugural flight in mid-July, is the brainchild of Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel, who were inspired by their Jack Russell Terrier, Zoe and her rather 'traumatic' experiences when she had to travel with the luggage! Instead of asking normal airlines to treat their pets better, the duo decided to start a special airline for the pets.

Just like humans, pets flying on Pet Airways, have to show up at the designated airports two hours in advance and 'check in'.

When its time to fly, special attendants take the pets up to the planes, which have been stripped off the normal human seats and equipped with 50 kennels of various sizes. Since the planes are smaller, they have to make a couple of stops en-route to refuel and take the pawsengers out for a 'potty' break. Once the pets reach their destination, they are picked up by their owners and taken home.

While the airline will be flying in and out of five cities initially, it plans to expand its services to 25 cities around the USA. Also, while the initial passengers pool will be restricted to dogs and cats, there are plans to add other pets like reptiles, birds and even pigs to the roster soon! While food and water is included in the cost of tickets, there is not word on what the airline is planning to serve. To reserve a seat for your darling pooch check out,