Getting Married In Zero Gravity


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Tired of the same boring 'earth' weddings, a Brooklyn couple decided to shake things up a little - By getting married aboard a special airplane that mimics the zero gravity that astronauts experience on space walks.

Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor, both science fanatics, were (literally) head over heels, as they took their wedding vows aboard the specially converted Boeing 727. The 90-minute flight, which cost the couple about $15,000 USD includes 15 roller-coaster type rides, where the plane plunges from a height of 36,000ft. to 24,000ft. and back up.

The bride wore a beautiful designer dress, with a white jumpsuit underneath, for those embarrassing 'head over heels' moments, while the groom came dressed in a swanky tuxedo. A few close friends forked out over $6,000 USD each, to witness the historic ceremony.

The couple had planned their eight-minute wedding vows between the roller coaster rides, by breaking it into 30-second episodes. While tricky, the wedding went off with very few hitches. The rings made from meteorite metals found in Namibia, 30,000 years ago, were exchanged seamlessly, though there was a moment of slight confusion when a guest's ring slid off and floated in the air. The bouquet tossed by the bride, was gracefully captured by one of the bridesmaids. However the first wedding kiss was a little clumsy, with Noah ending up bumping Erin's nose in error.

After the wedding, the couple had a reception in the rocket garden at the Kennedy Space Center. While this was a great wedding, Noah's real wish was to get married in Space. Maybe this adventurous couple, who is now planning a trip to the Antarctica, will re-take their wedding vows if that ever becomes a reality.,,floridatoday,com,

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  • skyflower121
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    That sound so sweet!
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      Meh want to do that!
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        I wanna do it!!! that sounds soo fun
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          Cool and weird at the same time!
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            Soooo cool
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              so cool! I always wanted to fly !
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                You can do that? I want to do that!
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