Human Art Or A Message From Aliens - You Decide!


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Two giant intricate animal designs in England's agricultural fields have locals and farmers scratching their heads and invoking the annual debate - Are these works of art by humans or an extra-terrestrial group trying to send us a message.

The first of the two, a 600ft delicately carved Jellyfish design appeared mysteriously in a barley field in Oxfordshire earlier this week. It was not only the first Jellyfish 'crop circle' to be carved, but three times the size of previous crop designs.

While enthusiasts were still marveling at its beauty, another amazing design appeared last night. This one is a 150ft dragonfly, adorning the fields of a farmer in Wiltshire. The appearance of these two animals has followers speculating that the 'crop circles' this year, will be based on environmental themes.

'Crop circles' - patterns created by flattening crops like wheat, barley and rye, are not new to this are or other parts of the world - they have been around for years, the earliest ones recorded, as far back as the 17th century. They have however, gotten increasingly sophisticated over the years, and this year seems to be the best ever.

While some are man-made, others like these, appear mysteriously overnight. It is these that are the cause of many debates. Some people believe that thanks to modern technology, it is possible to create such complicated designs in the middle of the night - Others believe that these cannot be done in such a short time without the help of some 'Alien' superpowers - What do you think? Be sure to weigh in your opinion below!


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  • Girl alienalmost 4 years
    So welcome to earth aliens.we have hot dogs.🌭+👽=❤️
    • 2000114034
      2000114034almost 4 years
      its neither one I cant decide
      • alex 14over 4 years
        sup guy just doing homework here
        • potatoalmost 5 years
          They have been saying this kind of stuff ever since my mom was a kid.I think this is fake.
          • animal666
            animal666about 5 years
            • artgirl4ever
              artgirl4everabout 5 years
              I think it's a person. More than one!
              • browniecupcakegover 5 years
                I dont really know..
                • Srivarunabout 7 years
                  I think the aliens came to visit
                  • selina
                    selinaover 7 years
                    To me it sort of look like an extra terrestrial message and sort of looks like a human drawing.....
                    • urgover 7 years
                      ALIENS ARE NOT REAL!! pluse I'm writing this in 2015