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French urban climber, Alain "Spiderman" Robert scaled the 103-floor Sears Tower with just his bare hands and feet in 1997. While not all of us can accomplish that feat, we can at least experience some of the thrill, thanks to The Ledge - a new addition to the Sears Tower Sky Deck in Chicago.

'The Ledge', comprises of four glass cages that extend 4.3 feet over the edge of the building. While each glass pane weighs in at a whopping 1,500 pounds and can support up to five tons (or one elephant), with only one and a half inches of glass separating you from the ground, 1,353 feet below, the effect can be a little a dizzying. However, on a clear day, the beautiful vistas include Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana , not to mention never before seen, breath-taking views of the city of Chicago.

In order to not confuse the skyscraper's six roof-mounted robotic window-washers, (which keep the Sears Tower's 16,100 windows bird poop free) all the glass ledges are retractable (they can be pulled into the folds of the building).

However, all this fine viewing does come at a price. The tickets, which include the Sears Sky Deck are $30 USD per person, but given the once-in-a-lifetime experience it provides, well worth it.


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  • hacker1 almost 6 years
    it cracked
    • aphphilippines
      aphphilippinesalmost 7 years
      Who heard the news report two months or so ago that the glass cracked?
      • bobabout 7 years
        so close to sudend deth
        • gorgeabout 7 years
          so cose
          • KFC about 8 years
            That's so cool I wish I lived near by there
            • noodle7zep
              noodle7zepabout 8 years
              scary! I would refuse to go on there becase i am scared i will fall
              • casey1
                casey1about 8 years
                scary scary scary scary scary!
                • Lokiabout 8 years
                  Omg! I went there last week
                  • Katniss!?:)13over 8 years
                    What..how...do they do that?!
                    • ?about 9 years
                      thats so cool