This Black Bear Is One Smart Cookie!


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What do you do when a bear accidentally stumbles into a concrete skate park and can't climb up again? Toss in a ladder of course!

While that may sound ridiculous, that's exactly what the folks from the Parks and Recreations Department at the resort town of Snowmass, Colorado did and guess what? It worked like a charm.

The drama unfolded last week, when officials scouring the area, discovered the bear walking inside the park, unable to climb up its steep slippery walls.

That's when the workers lowered a long ladder and left the black bear to try figure it out. While it took some time, the bear eventually did and climbed up, one rung at a time - once at the top, it quickly scooted back into the woods, without a goodbye or thank you!

Colorado has a fairly large population of 'black' bears, which despite their name can be honey-colored, tan or even blond. Male bears are called boars, while females are called sows. Though they largely live off natural foods like berries, insects and nuts, the bears have been known to attack beehives and even livestock. With more humans encroaching on their territory, the bears have also learnt to forage for food from garbage and even camp supplies and can be dangerous if confronted.


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