'Yangtze River Number Two' - The World's Most Expensive Dog


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'Yangtze River Number Two', must be one special dog - His new owner apparently forked out a whopping $500,000 USD for the fluffy black Tibetan Mastiff.

Mrs. Wang, who already owns a female Tibetan Mastiff, said that it had taken her years to find such a pure bred.

In fact, she had to go all the way to the Tibetan province of Quinghai with to search for her new pet. When she finally met him in the town of Yushu, she knew that she had to have him no matter what the cost. For as this Chinese millionaire succintly puts it - 'Gold has a price, but this Tibetan Mastiff doesn't'.

And of course a dog this precious has to be welcomed in a special way - It was reported that the day the trio landed at Xi'an the capital of the Shaanxi Province, where Mrs. Wang resides, 30 Mercedes limousines, along with a dog-lovers committee complete with banners, was waiting to welcome them home.

The Tibetan Mastiff also known as Tsang Khyi, are one of the largest species of dogs, with sturdy body frames and a large mane and coat that make them appear even large. Native to Tibet, they are ferocious and aggressiveanimals. Their personality and fearlessness makes them perfect flock dogs, because of their willingness and ability to confront predators like wolves and even leopards.

They are however, extremely intelligent animals who make very loyal pets once they are socialized and trained - But are they worth half a million dollars? Now that is a million dollar question!


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  • qui13
    qui13about 1 year
    So cool. The dog is beautiful. My dog is a Rat terrier and Chihuahua mix.
    • wolf18
      wolf18about 1 year
      My dog is a Newfoundland, but looks exactly like this dog. He is super cute! I would buy this dog with no hesitation if I had the money.😍
    • superwolfy
      superwolfyalmost 3 years
      if i had that much money ill buy him
    • Haeleighabout 4 years
      He is super and beautiful
      • dog loverover 4 years
        • roboUniover 4 years
          The first thing that came to my head- ‘Wow. Why is that dog $500,000? It may be an amazing breed, but why pay $500,000 for a dog?’ That’s expensive ._.
          • wolf18
            wolf18about 1 year
            I totally agree withu. Some ppl just think k tht some things r worth more than they actually r. It's weird.
          • doggie82about 6 years
            cute dog!!!
          • emoboyalmost 7 years
            • liljonabout 7 years
              i want it
              • taylor55
                taylor55over 7 years