The Nimble Goats Of Morocco


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Goats grazing on precariously steep hillsides is a common sight - but perched high atop the branches of a tree? That's a sight you will only see if you go all the way to the North African country of Morocco.

The goats are not any special species, just normal animals that have had to learn to adapt to the arid Moroccon environment. In an area where food is scarce, one of the main sources of nutrition for the animals, is the tiny berries that grow on the Aragan tree.

However, the trees are tall, sometimes as high as 30ft., and the only way the goats can get to the berries, is by climbing up. Over the years, they have not only figured out how to climb, but also prance around from branch to branch like ballerinas.

While the climbing goats are in itself fascinating, what is even more interesting is what happens with the goat 'poop' after they have eaten the Aragan berries. The 'droppings' are collected by the local people who wash them and then grind and press them to extract oil - which is used for cooking and cosmetic purposes.

Though the whole thing may sound a little gross, Aragan oil is apparently very healthy and highly coveted and a quarter liter of good 'quality' oil can set you back as much as $50USD!


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  • Goat lover over 7 years
    My goat don't do that they stay on the ground
    • Goat lover over 7 years
      They are so cute my goats can't climb on trees
      • alian337almost 9 years
        i adore goats tots cute!<3
        • Minecraft 55about 9 years
          Super weird
          • abby717
            abby717over 9 years
            Thats kinda..............weird....................
            • beastover 9 years
              lol thats funny
              • peace10
                peace10over 9 years
                my mom uses aragan oil in her hair. I <3 the picture
                • Sarahabout 10 years
                  i have goats they dont do that
                  • casper5
                    casper5about 10 years
                    That's a bit crazy if you ask me. Nowonder those goats climb trees, their food is scarce. But still it seems very crazy!
                    • maza
                      mazaabout 10 years
                      That is hilariously amazing and interesting! Before they learnt to climb I wonder if they fell out a lot.Hmmmmmmmmm........