The 'Bright' Little Frog!


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We have heard of many 'bright' animals - however, this little Cuban tree frog took it to a whole new level, when it swallowed a red Christmas light and really lit up!

It all happened earlier this year at the Palm Beach, Florida home of wildlife photographer, James Snyder. He and his wife had decorated their entire yard with colorful Christmas lights, which attracted a lot of bugs.

Their yard was soon invaded by little Cuban tree frogs, who gulped the bugs down, as they settled on the lights.

One day, when James was taking his dog out for a walk, he noticed one frog seemed to be 'glowing'. Believing that the frog was sitting on top of a light, he rushed to get his camera to get some cool pictures.

As he got closer, he realized that the frog had a wire coming out of his mouth - He was not sitting on the light but had accidentally swallowed one, whilst trying to eat an insect!

Thinking he must be dead, he continued to take pictures, until the frog suddenly moved - so he got closer and gently pulled the wire from the little amphibian's mouth. The freed animal quickly scampered away - relieved to be alive!

Cuban tree frogs are native to Cuba,The Bahamas and The Cayman Islands . They are however great 'hitchhikers' who have found their way to other parts of the world, including Florida, where they can be found in large numbers. The frogs, which can grow up to 5.5 inches in length are known for their large appetite - They eat anything they can fit into their mouths (including light bulbs).

They are however, not very popular migrants and are considered a nuisance , since they not only endanger native frogs, but also chew up light wires and cause expensive power outages. At least this little frog will never do that again - Now if he could only tell all his friends!


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