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Warning! This Video is going to make you drool! This giant mug filled with 487 gallons of hot chocolate and topped with hundreds of marshmallows, was heated to a perfect temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and placed in Bryant Park, New York.

Prepared by the American Milk Association to remind people the importance of drinking milk during the winter months, the large cup of hot chocolate not only made it into the record books, but also, served as a yummy treat for about 6,000 folks who received a taste of the delicious concoction for free!,

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  • teagan035
    teagan0357 months
    Man! I am just about to have my thanksgiving lunch at school this makes me hungry!!!!!!!!
    • majestic_tiger1
      and i just had lunch
      • majestic_tiger1
        now im hungry.
        • jazmine2008
          jazmine2008about 2 years
          i love hot chocolate but the bad thing is i always drink water after it because my mouth is always dry when i finish the hot chocolate. #please follow#
          • wolfy_blue
            wolfy_blueabout 2 years
            Too bad I missed my oppertunity.... it's spring now in Ohio. 😕
          • tulibagi-160064716087
            yum i want some 🙂
            • sokeefe_forever
              sokeefe_foreverover 2 years
              Lol, just had hot chocolate today! It was cold out... Like it usually is in December in Pennsylvania.
              • zaks
                zaksover 2 years
                That looks delicious! We only get hot chocolate when its cold, but sadly, in Florida, its barely ever cold.
              • pastelea
                pasteleaover 2 years
                Yummy!I have hot chocolate when I come inside from playing in the snow!But I live at the beach. So I only have it when I vist'it my grandmother and grandfather. I have not seen who in 2 years! I have wish I can see who this year! But I can't! Since covid.👎😓At least I can look at snowglobes. Does anyone know how I can make snow!If so please comment.⛄🌨❄Bye!Happy Hoilidays!🎄🎄🎄
              • kurz
                kurzover 2 years
                I drink hot chocolate every morning!!! Researches have been done on it before and found that it helps improve memory!!!