At first glance, Dillie, a four-year old with large soulful brown eyes, appears to be just like any other deer. She roams around freely and munches up any nice-looking plant or flower that she comes across. However, a closer look reveals a totally different picture.

For one, Dillie roams around with a GPS tracking device, so that her owners, Melanie and Steve Butera can keep an eye on her. Why? Because Dillie is their house pet and a quite pampered one, we might add.

For not only does she roam in and out of the house as she pleases, but she also, has her own bedroom, complete with a regular queen-sized bed. If that's not enough, Dillie also eats human food, her favorite being linguine pasta, which she often gets served in her bedroom! And, of course who could live without dessert. The four-year old likes dum-dum suckers, but her favorite sweet ending, is a big bowl of ice cream, topped with some coffee and ice shavings! And, if it gets too hot, she simply dives into the family pool for a little swim!

While Dillie has an awesome life now, it did not start off too well. She was brought to Melanie a veterinarian , by a farmer, when she was just a few days old. Her mother had rejected her and the poor fawn was extremely undernourished and weighed only four pounds. Melanie put her on an ivy drip and nursed her back to health within a few weeks.

However, because Dillie suffers from cataracts in her eyes, they knew that she would not be able to survive in the wild with other deer. They thought about putting her in the barn with the horses, but figured she may get really scared. Hence, they decided to adopt her and assigned her to their eight-year old poodle, Lady, to teach her how to be a good house pet. Lady happily took the Dillie under her wing and even potty-trained her.

Today, the four live happily in their sprawling five-acre ranch in Canal Fulton, Idaho. The Buteras love their unusual pet, Lady probably thinks the deer is a large dog, and as for Dillie - Isn't this how all humans live?