This Modern-Day Dollhouse Comes With An iMac And Flat Screen TV!


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Dollhouses geared for collectors have traditionally always been crafted like traditional 'Victorian homes', complete with china plates and fine silverware. However, British designer Elaine Shaw is betting that enthusiasts of miniature homes are ready for something new - A house that resembles the way we live today, complete with all the latest amenities and accessories.

Her model line of homes, dubbed 'Clearview', because a clear view of the entire interior can be viewed through every one of its numerous windows, is the epitome of contemporaryliving. The 30-inch structure comprises of seven living areas that include a living room, a study, a master bedroom and, a beautiful modern kitchen.

Each room is tastefully furnished and stocked with everyday household items. The study contains a work desk, chair, cabinet and even a miniature iMac computer and printer. The modern kitchen features amongst other things, an electric kettle and refrigerator, that opens and shuts.

The master bedroom is decorated with real artwork and sports a beautiful chandelier and a queen-sized bed, covered with a decorative bedspread. The bathroom has both a shower booth and a tub, and is stocked with a miniature Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush and a can of deodorant. While most of the items are handcrafted by Elaine, others had to be bought because she didn't have the expertise to make them.

And 'residents' of this home celebrate special occasions too. For Christmas, the house was decorated to the fullest, with Christmas trees and all and inside the kitchen was a feast, complete with turkey! And, wait till spring comes along - Elaine is planning to hold outdoor 'parties' on her beautiful patio. She is obviously having a lot of fun with her dollhouse!

Elaine's fascination with miniature homes began early in life, because her mother worked for a manufacturer of popular dollhouses and often gave her miniature furninure to play with. While she had often thought about making them for a living, she didn't really get inspired until a recent trip to Miami, Florida, a city known for its fabulous modern architecture.

As you can imagine, Clearwater dollhouses does not come cheap - Each model will set you back about $750USD and that's just the house - all the furnishings are extra! However, as Elaine points out, this is not meant to be a dollhouse for young kids, but for those who are 'young at heart', and still crave one!

For more fun pictures or to buy this amazing dollhouse, check out Elaine's website:


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    I have the same name as her.
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      that is way to much it should be 100$ like and follow me if you agree cuz that to much for a doll house
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        • HI!over 7 years
          Must get for christmas! I need a house for my shopkins!!!!! How tall dolls can fit in it?
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            raven98almost 8 years
            I want that soo bad it is awesome But I want one for free
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              I wish that she can give it to me for free because I have been wanting a doll house!
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                woooooooooooooooooooooow thats amazazazing!
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                    @sunshine valley it said in the story that she was not selling them :O
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                      lovely kcenneiis so awesome i hve that doll house btw i am rich also