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Madison Stump is an 11-year old, sixth-grader with a mission - To do all she can to save our planet. This passion has led her to establish a successful eco-friendly business, PaperAgain. Below, (in Madison's own words) is how it all began . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Having been brought up in a 'green' family, I am always striving to be 100% earth friendly, by looking for new ways to recycle and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

Last September, while doodling in my recycled notebook, I was pondering over what else I could do to help the environment, when it suddenly struck me - Notebooks!

I could create beautiful notebooks using recycled boxes and paper, sell them and donate the proceeds to help people in need.

That night, I made my first prototype using an empty orbit gum box and scrap paper. While it wasn't a real notebook, it was the start of my eco-friendly business, PaperAgain.

I was hooked! I spent the entire next day making notebooks. When I ran out of recycled boxes, I went to look for some in the pantry. I emptied the Club Crackers into a bag, and used that box for a cover. Then I saw the macaroni and cheese, pop-tarts and Lucky Charms . . . .The possibilities were endless!

Before I knew it, I had emptied out every box! My parents of course did not find the messy pantry very amusing and shooed me out of the kitchen immediately. From then on, I was told to ask my grandparents, friends and neighbors for their used boxes!

My first customer was my sister, who bought one of my favorite creations - a notebook bound in a 'Club Cracker' box - She of course, never paid for it!

However, I didn't mind since I got to see her use it. Before you knew it, all my school friends were asking to buy my creations.

Then, my dad came up with the brilliant idea of starting a website - and sales soon started to creep up. All of a sudden, I was the owner of a real business! Before I knew it, my notebooks were selling at Treʼs Hallmark store in my hometown and I was featured on the local television news!

While it is fun being a local celebrity, it is even more fun donating the money to the local food pantry, knowing that it will be used to provide meals to families who are experiencing some rough times.

Since I began PaperAgain, I have donated $218USD to the Hospitality House Food Pantry.

Following the recent earthquake in Haiti, I have decided to donate this year's sale proceeds to 'Save the Children Haiti Fund' and have already collected $18USD! To see or order one of my creations go to

Be sure to check out Madison's site - You will not only some very unique notebooks, but will also be helping out the children of Haiti.

We are also very proud to announce that this special young lady has agreed to join the DOGONews young reporters team, as our special correspondent for alll 'green' news.

If you are interested in contributing to DOGONews, write to us at

sources: Madison Stump

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