Apple Finally Unveils The iPad!


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For the last several years, Apple Inc. has kept us on tenterhooks with their cool and exciting innovations - First there was the iPod, then came the iPod Touch and iPhone, and now finally, something we have all been holding our breath for . . . . the iPad. So is it as cool as we had thought it would be - Read on, and decide for yourself.

Described by many as an iPhone on steroids, this compact 9.7 inch device, which can easily fit in your backpack, weighs only 1.5lbs and is just 0.5 inches thick-Yet, it allows you to do an incredible number of things.

You can use it surf the Internet, download and share photos, check and respond to e-mail, download and read books, play music, watch movies and of course, play games, which reviewers think is the coolest thing, since the bigger screen makes the experience extremely immersive.

The advanced polymer-lithium battery provides ten hours of battery life - long enough for those rather tedious road trips. Every application (including the keypad), except for the Home button is built in as a touchscreen, making the whole experience ultra cool!

Many critics of the new device are a little disappointed because the iPad (at least the first version) does not have more stuff - like a camera and USB outlet and, the fact that it does not allow the user to multitask. However, knowing Apple Inc., those things are probably in the works for future versions. Meanwhile, we would be quite happy to pay $499USD for this device, wouldn't you? Be sure to let us know by adding your comments below.,

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