Jim Belosic - Dad & Pancake Maker Extraordinaire


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Most dads would be happy if they could whip up a normal stack of pancakes for their kids - Not Jim Belosic. This amazing dad makes pancakes that would be considered works of art, if only, his three-year old didn't gobble them down so rapidly.

The devoted dad who is just trying to create cool pancakes for his daughter, Allison, gets his inspirations from things the two do together.

Following a visit to New York's Museum of Natural History, Jim decided that it would be cool to create a dinosaur skeleton pancake and so, he did.

Then there was the time when Jim wanted his daughter to take of her bracelets, because she was helping him make pancakes. However, Allison was not too happy about the idea, so they compromised by making jewelry, from pancake batter!

He has also constructed San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, a carousal, a construction crane, a burger and many other things - all out of pancake batter of course.

Jim who creates a new masterpiece every Saturday, insists that he does not spend hours making these amazing creations - simply because pancakes take just six minutes to cook.

While Allison will not share her pancakes, she and her dad are quite happy to give you tips, recipes and show off their creations on their website: jimspancakes.com. Now all you have to do, is try convince your dad to create similar masterpieces.


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    hate sushi but love pancakes!
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                  i love the way they come out after but i bet they are hard to make
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                    that little girl is the cutest thing ever
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