China's Incredible Future Floating Village


Imagine a world where everything is floating - One where instead of stepping on firm ground, you swim or sail out? Believe it or not, that's exactly what the residents of Sandu'ao village in China experience every day.

Also known as the Future Floating village, Sandu'ao, is situated at the entrance of the world's deepest ice-free natural harbor on the coastal East Fujian in China. While the village appears to be in the middle of an open ocean, it is landlocked from all sides and hence sheltered, so that the waters around are always calm, imposing no threat to the residents.

The modest wooden homes are constructed upon sturdy barge-like structures made from bamboo and wood, which are wired to plastic barrels and PVC, enabling them to float. And, its not just the homes that float -The self-sustaining village also has a floating post office, convenience store, and even a few restaurants.

Given the location, it is not surprising that most people in the village are fishermen. In fact, Sandu'ao is home to one of China's largest sea farms - supplying the country with yellow croakers and various other seafood, including shellfish, shrimp and giant prawns. Lately however, it has also become a popular destination stop for tourists who are curious to see this rather amazing way of living.

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