The Cats' House Is Paws-itively Fabulous!


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To say that Bob Walker and Francis Mooney like cats is an understatement - Not only have the couple adopted nine cats, but they have also converted their home, The Cats' House into a luxury abode for felines.

The couple's love affair with kitty cats began on their wedding day when they adopted their first cat from a shelter. As more cats joined in, the furniture in the house increasingly became the scratching post and was being systematically ruined.

In 1988, in an attempt to preserve his furniture and to separate the living room from the adjoining room, Mr. Walker added a floor to ceiling scratching column, by wrapping 395 ft. of rope around wood.

This column was so popular with the kitty cats that Mr. Walker continued to add more fun things and has ended up creating what is essentially a kitty heaven.

Today, the lucky nine cats that live in The Cats' House stroll along the 8ft-high ramps, majestically walk down a spiral staircase and go between rooms through specially designed, cat-shaped cubby holes that Mr. Walker has carved through every wall.

, They have also installed neon lights on the walkways so that the cats can stroll around at night and amassed a massive collection of toys to ensure that they do not get bored.

The cat theme extends beyone the life felines - There are cat portraits, cat paintings and even the carpets are printed with leapard spots and tiger stripes - After all, as Mr. Walker puts it 'The least they can do is consider their (the cat's) needs and make the house wonderful' Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The couple's house is now tourist destination and, Mr. Walker has even written a book - The Cats' House, to share his creations and tips with other cat lovers. To check out the house in more detail go to


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