Tron:Legacy Frenzy Has Begun


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On December 17th, the eagerly awaited sequel to Tron hits the theatres, continuing from where it had left off, almost three decades ago. Along with it, comes a frenzy of Tron inspired items that range from expensive jewelry to clothing, to even a Sci-FI suite in this year's rendition of Sweden's Ice Hotel.

Located in the village of Jukkasjarvi, 200km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, the hotel, which has to be re-built each year because it is made entirely from ice, has over the years, transformed into a 'work of art' - One where artists and architects from all over the world compete with each other, to construct a masterpiece suite.

This year, two British Tron fans upped the ante with the hotel's first Sci-Fi room. Built from six tons of ice and fitted with 160 meters of low energy electroluminescent wire, the 220 square feet Legacy of the River room, draws its inspiration from a futuristic looking nightclub depicted in Tron:Legacy.

To get the room ready ahead of Tron:Legacy's December 17th premier, the two worked 19-hour days in sub-zero temperatures, completing the entire suite in a record 12 days. The result, as you can see is quite stunning - What makes it even better is that the room including the lightning technology, is sustainable and that come April, the entire hotel will melt and flow into the mighty Tourne River.


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