Video Of The Week - Knowing Math May Make You A Better Athlete


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If you believe that the only things that matter in sports is your knowledge of material sciences and physics, think again! The laws of mathematics play a significant role too!

In the second week of our series of videos, counting down to the 2010 Winter Olympics, we look at how knowing your math facts may make you a better athlete!


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  • robloxyabout 4 years
    now I think i need to learn maths better
    • pragie123
      pragie123over 4 years
      • coleabout 5 years
        awesome a+4=6
        • god sportabout 5 years
          sweet. bruh
          • Fritosalmost 6 years
            The Browns will win everything
            • boy goodover 7 years
              so cool
              • aiynover 7 years
                so cool
                • Cupcakeover 7 years
                  That is so interesting!
                  • tytar
                    tytarover 7 years
                    • edmodo-letajbscbq
                      edmodo-letajbscbqabout 8 years
                      so that means if I know math that means that i can be in the olympics some day :D
                      • pragie123
                        pragie123over 4 years
                        not necessary... but you could be :)