Can Penguins Fly?


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Penguins are described as 'flightless aquatic birds' - yet this video filmed by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in the United Kingdom, shows them flying. So what gives?

The television company said that their camera crew discovered this amazing colony of Adelie penguins while filming at St. George Island in the Antarctica and they broadcast it on April 1st, 2008, as part of their new natural history series, 'Miracles of Evolution'.

So was this really an evolution miracle or a man-made hoax? If you are thinking the latter, you are right - It was part of the normally staid company's age-old annual tradition of fooling its audience, on April Fools' Day.

Amazing what a few special effect tricks can do isn't it? Here is a behind-the-scenes video, of how the television station managed to fool the entire world for one day.

Happy April Fools' Day! Be sure to let us know if you managed to trick a friend on this fun day!

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  • carr0t
    carr0t7 months
    It so cool
    • adroit_avimimus
      Haha! Pretty good graphics for a 2010 production!
      • A GUYabout 6 years
        Nice Graphics well at least for 2010 now we got 4k video quality Next step for BBC is to remake the vid with a higher quality
      • logabout 6 years
        ha ha ha ha
        • WOWabout 7 years
          • allsowil0
            allsowil0about 7 years
            My dad loves to play April fools day tricks
            • dleoliu
              dleoliuabout 7 years
              looks so real though
              • emeryabout 7 years
                that is so cool
                • Jinover 7 years
                  Also, a trick. Freeze a bottle of orange juice. Until completely frozen, don't take it out. After it froze, give it to a family member and try to watch him/her drink it.
                  • Jinover 7 years
                    I was laughing so hard when I thought of what the world was going to look like if they saw that.