Video Of The Week - Sweden's ICEHOTEL Turns 20!


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Sweden's ICEHOTEL, the world's first and largest hotel made of ice and snow has just turned twenty. The hotel, which traces it's beginning to a 60sq. meter Igloo lodging, has grown to become a 5,500 sq. meter artistic splendor that is visited by thousands of people, each year.

Built entirely from the frozen waters of the Tourne River, the hotel is the collaborative work of many of the world's finest artists, who gather in the tiny Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi, year after year, to create unique masterpieces, only to see them melt away under the harsh Spring sunshine - Leaving behind just memories and some photographs!


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  • Zachover 3 years
    that looks awesome
    • NightOwlover 5 years
      Have an "ICE" Day!!!
      • SADIEabout 7 years
        that is cool!
        • OMGabout 7 years
          that looks so fun
          • cheesyabout 7 years
            cool!! get it cool?!
            • catsabout 7 years
              • gollaboshabout 7 years
                happy ice day
                • Icehotelover 7 years
                  Been there. Yep, it's cold! But relaxing, like the sauna. If you go there, you'll love it!
                  • footballlover13over 7 years
                    Awesome, I want one!!
                    • horsegirl26over 7 years
                      sooo cool i wish i lived there it is super cool