The Real Life 'Ogre' Wedding!


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Tracy Williams loves to watch movies - In fact for her first date with her now husband Viv, they watched 'Shrek' - It was therefore not surprising to her family and friends when she opted to dress as Fiona at her wedding - And much to her delight, they all joined in the fun!

At her 'fairytale' wedding, which took place in Bridgend, South Wales, recently, Tracy looked like the perfect glowing bride, er ogre, with her gleaming green skin, vibrant red hair, fake pointy ears and beautiful white dress. Viv joined in the fun too, looking eerily like the real 'Shrek'.

Not wanting to be left out of the party, the best man came as Robin Hood, while Snow White was the maid of honor. And of course the wedding would not have been complete without Lord Farquad (Tracy's dad) giving away the bride, or the Fairy godmother (Tracy's mom). As for the rest of the guests - so many wanted to dress up, that Tracy and Viv encouraged them to dress in 'Disney' characters because there were not enough 'Shrek' ones to go around. Now, this is what we call a fairytale wedding!


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