World's Most Expensive Stamp Changes Hands


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Over the weekend, The Treskilling Yellow, a rare Swedish stamp was sold in a quick telephone auction held in Geneva. While the exact sale price is not known, the bidding started in the vicinity of $2.3mm USD, which makes it not only the most expensive stamp but also, the world's most valuable object, by weight.

The 3 Skilling Swedish Stamp, issued in 1857 is precious because of its unusual color, which should been green, but for some reason was yellow. While it is believed that about eight of these were issued, only one has been found.

According to the experts it was used to mail some correspondence and first discovered by a seven-year old schoolboy, who was looking through his grandfather's letters in 1883. He tore it off the envelope and sold it for seven kroners (about one dollar). It is believed that had he not taken it off the envelope, the stamp would have been worth even more.

Since then it has changed hands many times, the last in 1996 when it was sold for $2.3mm USD. Nobody knows who bought it then and the auctioneer is being secretive even this time around, saying very little except,that it is still the most expensive stamp in the world!


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  • kiki16
    kiki16over 1 year
    Wow that is a lot of money!
    • Dantdm nyan BRUalmost 5 years
      In my enrichment class we do this article
      • amy_14
        amy_14about 6 years
        • Banaanasabout 6 years
          That's heaps of money for a stamp that first was sold for 1 dollar
          • jakobabout 6 years
            that is a lot of money
            • swirlycool
              swirlycoolabout 6 years
              Collecting stamps is fun :) I do it
            • happypug12
              happypug12almost 8 years
              Collecting stamps is so much fun! Plus, if you have a stamp that is, say from the 1870's, then the longer that you keep it, the more it's worth.
              • hajin9
                hajin9almost 9 years
                . He should have not ripped off the stamp. it would have been worth millions of more money. I know this because I love collecting stamps and coins.
                • headream100
                  headream100about 9 years
                  I love old stamps! I collect them!
                  • Ke-Keover 11 years
                    OMG that was an awesome story. I wish I had that stamp i would have been sold that stamp for more than just a rounchy american dollar. And if i did so sell that stamp i wouldn't even be at EJMS i would have went to south carolina and gone to a private school. By By love the articles Ke-Ke out.