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Think science jingles and songs are boring? You are definitely going to change your mind when you hear the seven compositions below. The best part is, you can vote for your favorite one and help America choose it's first 'Science' Idol!

The contest was organized by the USA Science and Engineering Association, to mark the first ever National Science Fair, which will take place in Washington, D.C. in the fall of 2010.

They received over a hundred entries, which in true idol spirit have been whittled down to the top seven, by an expert panel of judges. Now it's all up to you! So without further ado, here are the finalists.

Ryan Miyakawa: Come and play at the USA Science and Engineering Festival!

Larry Morris aka Professor Boggs: Science Spirit!

Keith Harrison: Have you ever wanted to know what makes the world go?

Nicole Christensen: Are you curious about science?

Daniel Rubalsky:The Science Festival is Coming!

Nancy Huddleston: There is so much to do and the scientist is you!

Monty Harper: In Washington D.C. - that's where I will be!

Made up your mind? Now grab a parent or guardian and ask them to help you vote for your favorite one. But hurry, because the you only have until May 12th to help select America's first 'Science' idol.

After voting, check out some of the other cool competitions they have going on, including a 'Science is Cool' video Contest and a Rubik's Cube Contest, both open to kids K-12!


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