A Hotel Where Guests Can Pedal For Their Dinner!


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While we have heard of people singing for their dinner, pedaling for one, is a new concept - Especially, when you are a guest at a four-star hotel. But that is apparently what guests at the recently opened Crowne Plaza in Copenhagen, are being offered in exchange for a free dinner!

The program, which started on April 19th, entails bikers to pedal on stationary bikes that have been hooked to the hotel's electricity generators. An iPhone attached to each bike displays the energy output or wattage, which is first stored in a battery in the bike and then distributed to the hotel's main electricity supply.

The hotel awards the biker a $44USD meal voucher for every 10watt hours of electricity generated (approx 10-15 minutes of biking) - A very generous offer given that it takes about 100watt hours to power a 100W light bulb for an hour!

While the hotel chain has only set aside two bikes for this fun experiment, they plan to add more and even expand the program to their other hotels all across Europe, if it is successful.

This is not the only 'green' initiative at this Crowne Plaza, which opened its doors in November 2009. One of a handful of certified 'green' buildings in Denmark, all the energy utilized in this 25 story, 366 room hotel, is derived from renewable energy sources.

Groundwater based heating and cooling systems helps reduce energy consumption, by 90%. In addition, the building's sunny surfaces are fitted with solar panels, estimated to generate 170,000KW of power every year. Also, everything in the hotel ranging from lights to hand dryers, has been selected, based on its energy consumption. Another great example of a corporation doing its share, to help our environment!

sources: wired.com,gizmag.com, visitcopenhagen.com

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  • turtlehi
    turtlehiover 6 years
    That is one interesting way to conserve energy!
    • smartfox
      smartfoxover 6 years
      I can't see it
      • analise
        analisealmost 7 years
        • Mr. Tbird over 7 years
          I can get paid for riding a bike omg
          • thedude200
            thedude200about 6 years
            It's really that they give you a $44 food cupon for the hotel.
          • shelbychapmediaarts
            shelbychapmediaartsalmost 8 years
            Wow this is really cool. You get free food for riding a bicycle for 10-15 min.
            • christianlmediaarts
              christianlmediaartsalmost 8 years
              Wow I want to go there free dinner ya
              • sup dogover 8 years
                at least it saves you mony
                • someoneover 8 years
                  This is AWESOME but the problem is that if u get your dinner then you might be sweaty then you will have to take a shower and your food will get cold but this is very cool but like everything in the world there is always a down side to everything.
                  • thedude200
                    thedude200about 6 years
                    you don't get the meal right when your done, for every 10watt hour, you get a $44 voucher and if the meal is over the amount on the voucher, you have to pay the rest, also you do not have to get your food immediately after riding the bike, you can go take a shower, then turn in a voucher, and THEN get your food cooked. What it really is, is that every time you produce a 10 watt hour, you get a 44 USD cupon.
                  • Antonioover 8 years
                    I think that it's courageous of them to put many bicycles for their dinner. Why, it is smart and green.
                    • Florencio over 8 years
                      This article was very interesting. I wonder if these bikes will be put in other cities, states, or countries. Will it be here in North America, or South America. This is a really cool article and I will want to be expecting more about this in the near future.