'Jabulani' - The World Cup's Unsung Hero!


Every athlete knows that the key to success is talent, hard work and . . . . Having the right equipment. Swimmers seek out suits that allow them to zip like rockets, while tennis players look for the lightest, most powerful racquets. It is therefore not surprising that in soccer it's all about the ball - In this case Jabulani, the official ball of the 2010 World Cup.

What's so special about it? Everything, starting from the name, which means 'to celebrate' in Isizulu, South Africa's most popular language. Then there are the 11 colors that adorn the ball - a tribute to South Africa's 11 languages and communities, the 11 players that make up a soccer team, and last but not least, that to Jabulani, the 11th official ball of the FIFA World Cup.

However, there is much more to this hi-tech ball, then just a catchy name and good looks. The millions of grooves that make up Jabulani's surface area, allow for harder and faster play, making it more aerodynamic and able to sustain longer flights - This essentially means that unlike conventional balls, which get slower, Jabulani gathers momentum and energy, as it zips across the soccer field.

Then, there is the new 'GripnGroove' technology, that is designed to give players a better control over the ball, and last but not least, is the fact that the ball is put together using 8 thermally molded, 3-D panels, that not only give Jabulani its perfect round shape, but also, ensure that it stays that way!

So, as you watch the soccer players in action, be sure to keep an eye on this radical ball, that has proven to be so unpredictable in its trajectory, that it has been dubbed the dancer!

sources: gizmag.com, soccerprdublin.com,www-india-server.com

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