Video Of The Week - The Ultimate Headrest


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Bulldogs have a regal air around them - They don't like to exert themselves too much and seem to find ways to figure out ways to get very comfortable. However, the bulldog in this video has to take the prize for finding the most ingenious headrest ever!


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  • Zachabout 3 years
    the bulldog looks so cute
    • bull231mj
      bull231mjover 5 years
      he is so cute
      • Happy******about 7 years
        That is so cute
        • so cooooolabout 7 years
          So coooooooooooooooooool
          • annaabout 7 years
            aww so cute
            • Dayanaraover 7 years
              I cant see it too. :( But I could think of it. :)
              • leachg
                leachgalmost 8 years
                omg i have one of them dogs
                • cuddlykittens
                  cuddlykittensover 7 years
                  omg LUCKYYYYY i want one SO BAD !!!!
                • bobalmost 8 years
                  why did it do that
                  • D11@6767over 8 years
                    Come here boy
                    • mp-56373
                      mp-56373over 8 years
                      why cant i see it