These T-Shirts Rock - Literally!


Whether you are a budding musician, someone who wants to start an instant band or simply wish to look cool, you will love the new Electronic Drum and Guitar T-Shirts. Both have the respective instruments 'built' inside, allowing you to play solo or with a band.

Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt

At first glance it looks like a shirt with a guitar printed on it - However, look closer and you will realize that each button 'plays' just like a real guitar, and, since the notes have been recorded from an electric guitar, it sounds like the real deal. Not satisfied with just pushing buttons? Then pull out the magnetic picks and strum away, by waving them on the strings. The best part is, that the T-shirt comes with a mini-amplifier that is capable of transmitting some mega sounds - So go ahead and ROCK the entire neighborhood with some sweet music.

Electronic Rock Drum T-Shirt

With each drum producing a distinctly different sound, you can entertain your friends with some funky music - and all you have to do, is tap the surface. The sound emerges from a built-in speaker, fitted in to the hem of the shirt along with a pack of batteries and, it also comes with a volume control that apparently can be turned on really really loud!

In case you (or most likely your parents) are wondering - The T-shirts can be washed by simply removing all the electronic components. Love them? You can buy them for just $29.99 USD at

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