Candy Land Comes To Life At Kan Dee Land Corner


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If you are born in the United States, chances are that your first board game was Candy Land - the fun-filled adventure where your eyes feasted through yummy peppermint stick forests, gingerbread plum trees and gumdrop mountains. Now, a lifelong fan has created a real, mostly edible version, right in her backyard. The only things missing? Princess Frostine, Princess Lolly and King Candy!

The fan who calls herself Kan-Dee, has dreamed of having her own magical world of Candy Land since she was three years old. She finally decided to make it a reality last summer, combining her love for the game with gardening to create this amazingly beautiful backyard. The final version incorporates portions from three versions of Candy Land and, some original ideas from Kan-Dee's fantasy Candy Land.

Dubbed Kan-Dee Corner, it is divided into seventeen micro-gardens, each with its own theme, color and smell. Wherever possible, Kan-Dee also added a 'taste' by planting edible herbs. For instance, Lemon Balm, an herb from the mint family, makes up the yellow portion, while the vivid purple color is achieved with Liquorice plants. Though Kan-Dee did most of the work, she did get a lot of help and some great ideas from her neighbors who whole-heartedly supported her project.

Kan-Dee Corner was recently voted 2nd runner-up in a Craftsters competition that challenged competitors to bring back old board games to life - The winner of this event? A 'Twister Raincoat'!

This is not the first time a life-like version of this popular game has been created. In 2009, in honor of Candy Land's 60th birthday, the manufacturer, Hasbro, transformed San Francisco's Crooked Street, into a life-sized version of the game, where every participant was treated to a slice of cake cut from a giant edible castle - Yum!


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