The Netherlands Could Have Won, If Only . . . .

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Spain's victory against the Netherlands for the coveted FIFA championship can only be attributed to its talented team! Would the outcome have been different had Holland managed to convince one of these talented martial arts students to join them? We can only wonder!

These amazingly skilled players, students of China's Shaolin Tagou Wushu School, were so inspired by the world cup soccer and the 2001 movie Shaolin Soccer that they decided to start their own soccer team!

Lin Li, the team's 17-year old captain, a big fan of England's former captain, David Beckham, said he wanted to test to see if their Kung Fu skills would come in handy to play soccer. As you can see, the team has innovatively combined the two skills by playing and meditating at the same time.

Ironically they never had the chance to watch the world cup on television, thanks to their rigorous schedule - They did however keep up with the results and catch some highlights on the Internet.

Coached by the center's physical education tutor, Wang Xiaboa, the team trains for four hours every weekend and hopes to compete with teams from other martial arts schools soon! We get the feeling that there is a World Cup lurking in China's future, don't you?


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